Offer guests a convenient menu and staff call buttons



Menu, Reviews, Waiter Call via QR Code

Generate QR codes through which your clients can view your menu, place orders, request the bill, and share their visit experiences



Menu, Reviews, Waiter Call via QR Code

Sobre la integración YUPA con Poster POS

Yupa is a service that will streamline and simplify service in your cafe or restaurant using QR codes. Guests can scan them to view the menu, call the waiter, request the bill, and share their impressions. With integration into Poster, creating a menu and configuring the service will take just 20 minutes of your time.

Key App Features

  1. Convenient and efficient menu for your establishment, integrable with the Poster menu or created through the user-friendly interface of the personal cabinet;
  2. Ability to create virtual buttons for customer service. You can add buttons for calling staff, bill payments, and any other buttons specific to your establishment;
  3. Feedback. Gain the ability to collect impressions from your customers and respond to them if, for any reason, a customer is dissatisfied;
  4. Connect to social networks. When scanning the QR code, customers can visit and subscribe to your pages on popular social networks;
  5. Ability to create a menu for external resources. If you need to create a menu for platforms like Instagram or Google, you can do so using the Yupa service;
  6. Convenient and free support. We provide support and answer our clients' questions anytime, even on weekends.


How can one test the service? - We offer all new clients a free trial period - 14 days of access to the full functionality of our service;

Does the client need to install any applications to use the service? - No. To use the service, the client only needs to point the camera at the QR code;

Is there a free version of the service? - Yes. There is an option to use free functionality, namely: connecting PDF menus, menus via links, and links to your social networks. If you use only this functionality, you won't need to pay for the service;

What functionality is currently being developed? - We are currently integrating with the Liqpay service, which will allow instant payment of orders and leaving tips through the application.

App Price: 250 UAH/month or 2550 UAH/year per establishment.

Support: @yupa_support_bot

Our contacts

+38 063 590 86 02

+38 067 538 99 89

[email protected]

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