Video surveillance of cash operations

Statistics, analysis and search for violations at the cash register

The system shows on video the main cash register operations: adding or removing goods, sold goods, counter check, refusal, discount, cancellation, cancellation, operator entry/exit and others


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The GLAZ project comprehensively solves these types of tasks and allows you to identify the offender. You can easily compare the goods held at the checkout with the goods actually issued to the customer. Or you can connect our operators to the work.

Advantages of GLAZ:

  1. Reports, statistics, analytics: GLAZ shows on video the main cash transactions: adding or removing goods, sold goods, counter check, refusal, discount, cancellation, cancellation, operator entry/exit, etc.
  2. Audit of cash transactions: analysis of staff actions with money and material assets. Checking for honesty and professionalism in work.
  3. Detection of fraud at the cash desk: the risk of a company having high rates of theft always exists, so control of the bartender, cashier, warehouse worker, kitchen worker, and all staff is necessary and relevant.
  4. Cash discipline: non-compliance with these rules can lead to violations of the law and banal negligence in the workplace.
  5. Control operators: we provide a cloud-based control system with active remote operators who effectively detect violations at the checkout.
  6. Cashier control: employees who are aware of the existence of video surveillance of the workflow, in most cases, do not dare to abuse.


  1. How do I connect a camera to the GLAZ service? - Any video surveillance is connected to our service via the RTSP protocol. This protocol requires certain camera and router settings. Instructions:
  2. How can I test the service? - We offer a test period of 14 days of access to a demo account, where you can get acquainted with the basic functionality.
  3. What are the guarantees for finding violations in GLAZ Operator packages? - We guarantee that every receipt and event reviewed by our specialists corresponds to the decision made by the operator. If there is an error in such a decision, we will refund your money.
  4. What is the cost of connecting to the GLAZ system? - Connecting to the GLAZ system is completely free.
  5. What is the cost of a package of 1 camera and one terminal? - Such a package costs up to 750 UAH per month, and the more connections you have, the cheaper it is.
  6. What is the cost of an operator package? - Such a package costs from 1500 UAH per month and depends on the number of control operations.

Price: from 530 UAH/month

Support: @glaz_systems

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