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Forget about plastic cards!

Electronic cards, bonuses, discounts, marketing automation, analytics - we have everything you need to make your business thrive.


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Goodbye, plastic cards – welcome to the era of innovations!

The Loyallyst application provides you with tools for complete loyalty program automation, simplifying processes and enhancing interaction with your guests.

Core features of the application:

1. Customizable electronic guest form: сollecting guest profiles and preferences to tailor personalized offers.

2. Guest card in Apple & Google Wallet: guests can easily store their loyalty card in their mobile wallets without installing special applications.

3. Send push notifications instead of SMS: forget about the complexities and costs of SMS. Use convenient push notifications to communicate with your guests.

4. Marketing automation: set up automatic actions such as birthday greetings, special offers, and guest surveys after purchases.

5. Monitoring and analytics: track and analyze where your guests come from, the frequency of their visits, and spending amounts for effective marketing planning.

6. Geo-PUSH notifications: attract nearby guests with unique offers for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a trial period? - No.

2. Do guests need to install loyalty applications? - No, guests don't need to download anything; they can get an electronic card in 10 seconds.

3. Are there limits on cards or guests in the application? - No, there are no limitations.

4. Can push notifications be sent to all guests? - Yes, you can create broadcasts, segment guests, and set up automatic notifications.

5. How quickly can a loyalty program be implemented? - Within 1 day.

6. Does the guest database with all information and bonuses transfer from Poster? - Yes.

7. How can guests register in the loyalty program? - Print a QR code and place it in your establishment. After scanning, guests fill out the registration form, getting the opportunity to add the card to Apple & Google Wallet without unnecessary app installations.

8. If I have a franchise and use a Connect account in Poster, do you work with this? - Yes, our application is compatible with the Connect account in Poster.

9. How is integration with Poster initiated? - Click the "Connect" button, and integration will happen automatically.

Application price: from $22/month per location

Technical support: on WhatsApp: https://wa.me/380979113113

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