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Revenue Dash Tracker Bot

Revenue Dash Tracker Bot

Telegram bot for receiving reports from Poster

This is a Telegram bot for managing your business and getting up-to-date information in real time

Revenue Dash Tracker Bot

Revenue Dash Tracker Bot

Telegram bot for receiving reports from Poster

Sobre la integración Revenue Dash Tracker Bot con Poster POS

Revenue Dash Tracker Bot is a Telegram bot that automatically generates reports and sends them directly to you in Telegram, allowing you to get up-to-date information in real time and quickly respond to changes in your financial situation to make informed decisions. With this bot, you can easily compare financial indicators with the previous month and day for strategic analysis.

Advantages of Revenue Dash Tracker Bot:

  • - Financial report with grouping by accounts. If you have several poster accounts (domains) connected, you can see general statistics for each of them.
  • - Financial report by outlets: if you have several outlets in your account, you will receive a detailed report for each outlet from each of the accounts.
  • - General financial report: you will receive general statistics for all accounts.
  • - Cash balance: current cash balance with a breakdown by venues.
  • - Search for statistics on specific menu items: information on the number of units sold of a specific item for a specified date range by outlet. 
  • - Real-time reports: number of receipts, number of visitors, and average check.
  • - Financial analytics: total income and its percentage change compared to the previous period, the amount of cash on the account.
  • - Reports for today in automatic mode at a specified time: dynamics for today, comparison of profits with the previous day and month, the amount of cash at the cash desk, and the status of the cash desk, open or closed.
  • - Output reports for a specific date range: total revenue for the specified range, profit for the specified range, amount of cash for the specified range, number of receipts and number of visitors for the specified range, average check for the specified range.


  1. Is there a trial period? - Yes, there are 7 trial days during which you will have full access to all features.
  2. Can I connect multiple Poster accounts to one bot? - Yes, of course, you can connect multiple accounts to one bot. To connect, activate the tariff on the corresponding account and go through authorization.
  3. Can I receive reports automatically? - Yes, you can activate daily reports in the bot at a specified time. You can change it or disable it at any time.
  4. Can I generate a report for a certain period of time? - Yes, the bot has templates for date intervals: today, yesterday, current week, last week, current month, current month excluding today, and last month. These are the most popular presets.

Price: 120 UAH per month per account 

Support: @VMoto

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