GetOrder save 90% of time for online order processing



Integration with food delivery platforms

Stop transferring orders to Poster manually. Automate the exchange of orders with Glovo, Bolt Food, LOKO, Wolt, Uber Eats without additional interfaces.



Integration with food delivery platforms

Sobre la integración GetOrder con Poster POS

GetOrder - automates data exchange between Poster and various delivery platforms and services, removes the human factor, so that all orders from delivery platforms get to the Poster cash desk instantly, without delays and errors.

Implemented integrations:

  • Food delivery platforms: Glovo, Bolt Food, Wolt, LOKO, Uber Eats;
  • Platforms for managing your own delivery service: Ship Day;
  • Websites and apps: Sales Box, Tilda.
  • Our team can develop any integration with an aggregator or delivery service, so if you don't see any service in this description, write to us and we will discuss it

The advantage of GetOrder:

  • - Uploading meals from Poster to food delivery platforms;
  • - Automatic transfer of the order to the Poster checkout;
  • - QR menu for the restaurant on the subdomain;
  • - Transferring an order from Poster to a delivery service.
  • - Change names and descriptions for categories and dishes;
  • - Change the sorting for categories and dishes;
  • - Connecting multiple brands to one account;
  • - Preview the catalog before uploading to food delivery platforms;
  • - Auto-add dishes to the order, such as packaging;
  • - Manage the visibility of modifiers;
  • - Auto-add hidden modifiers;
  • - Manage the visibility of categories or dishes on food delivery platforms;
  • - Translation to other languages.


  1. How can I test it? - We provide 14 days of test access and help to launch the integration.
  2. Can I connect several virtual brands? - Yes, you can.
  3. Can I set separate prices for Glovo and Bolt Food? - Yes, you can.
  4. How do I connect the integration? - Install the GetOrder app and we will contact you to help.

Price: from 575 UAH per month per restaurant

Support: +38 093 914 94 70

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