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Telephony to increase sales

Virtual PBX by Binotel Program on effective management of calls from clients. Ideal for phone orders, table reservations, food delivery



Telephony to increase sales

Sobre la integración Binotel con Poster POS

Virtual PBX (PBX) is a program that combines all the company's numbers into a single network, stores all the history and records of conversations with customers. In addition, it automates work and increases the efficiency of employees and the quality of customer service.

Customers will always be able to reach your company and will never hear a "busy" signal on the receiver, thanks to which you will receive more calls.

You can connect your current landline and mobile numbers, as well as new phone numbers of Binotel and other operators to the Binotel PBX

Advantages of connecting Binotel Virtual PBX to Poster POS:

  1. Instant notification of a client's call in a pop-up window. You will immediately understand which client is calling, regular or new, you can easily start a conversation by addressing the name or create a client card if you are called for the first time. All call history and records of conversations with customers in CRM.
  2. All information about calls will be stored in the client's card. You will be able to quickly check the order, take into account all the wishes of the client, and if something goes wrong, deal with any situation.
  3. One-click dialing from the client's card. Just click on the customer number and call to confirm the booking or delivery address. Don't waste time looking for the right phone.After integration, you will have a personal Binotel account, which stores data on all calls: their total number, duration, conversation records, detailed analytics, etc.

You will also have a special tab where all missed calls will go. As long as the customer has not been called back or he himself has called again, his call does not disappear from this tab. So you can process more calls and get up to 30% additional sales.

Build effective customer communication with Binotel, and if you change your mind within a month, we'll refund your money. After all, we are confident in our product.


1.How to connect the Binotel virtual PBX? Where to start? - 3 simple steps:

  • - We connect the necessary advertising numbers: both mobile and city. And if there are no rooms, we help you buy them at the most favorable rates in Ukraine. You won't miss a single call.
  • - We will organize the reception of calls by your team. We have solutions for both office and "field" employees.
  • - Together with you, we will write the logic of how these calls should be processed.

Connection, integration and configuration of all our equipment is free.

2.How much will it cost to connect numbers? And how to connect them? - The connection of city lines is free. We connect mobile phones free of charge, but take into account the subscription fee of UAH 180 per month for 1 number. By the way, we have a promotion for new customers: we will connect the first 3 SIM cards for UAH 99 for the first three months. Once connected, we can make all your numbers multi-channel. This function allows you to receive at least 100 calls to one number at the same time.

3.When are phone numbers connected? - It all depends on how urgently you need the connection. If you call the technical support department right now, the numbers will be connected in real time.

If the connection is not urgent, then write a letter with a request for connection, engineers will process it within 5 hours.What is a multichannel mobile number?Multichannel for a phone number is the ability of the number to receive not one, but the desired number of calls at the same time. That is, where your competitor processes one request for a table reservation or delivery, your managers will process at least 100 calls at the same time.

Additional features with a multi-channel phone number:

- Customers never hear short beeps and therefore have no desire to look for a table in another establishment

- If managers do not have time to process incoming calls, all unanswered calls are recorded. And the system reminds customers that they need to call back;

- It is not necessary to buy a new number, we can make your existing number, which your guests are already used to, multi-channel

- Connection is free, and the price of one additional channel is UAH 125 for Kyivstar, Vodafone and Lifecell

4.How is the cost of calls through Binotel charged? How many free minutes? - We do not charge for calls within the service. The cost of calls depends on which numbers you connect to our telephony and to which numbers you make calls. For example, if you connect to us the number of the mobile operator Kyivstar with the activation of free minutes within the network, then calls to other Kyivstar numbers will be free.

Price: from 225 UAH/month.

Support: +380800330033

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